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Cheap Nike Hypervenom Phantom III DF FG - Black-Metallic Silver-Black-Anthracite
Nike has followed up the garish launch colorway of the Hypervenom Phantom III, it's first-ever high-cut Flyknit soccer cleat, with a more toned down alternative. The new Nike Hypervenom Phantom 3 football boots are black with metallic-grey Swooshes and orange lace loops. They will be worn by eight of the best strikers, including Aubameyang and Rashford, during the live-broadcast Strike Night event on March 1.

This image shows the black and orange Nike Hypervenom 3 2017 soccer boots.

Predominantly black, the new Nike Hypervenom Phantom 3 cleats have anthracite-metallic Swooshes and Nike brandings, while eye-catching orange accents break up the rather understated base of the Nike Hypervenom 3 football boots in the form of the lace loops and lower part of the studs.

Features-wise, the CHEAP NIKE HYPERVENOM PHANTOM III DF FG - BLACK/METALLIC SILVER/ANTHRACITE is identical to the high-cut Nike Hypervenom Phantom 3 DF, apart from the eponymous Dynamic Fit collar, that is. It has a Flyknit upper with Flywire strings down the sides for more stability, as well as a completely redesigned sole plate. Read more about the tech in our detailed look at the launch colorway.

The black and anthracite Nike Hypervenom 3 soccer cleats went on sale earlier today at

Black, anthracite and orange. What are your thoughts on this new paint job for the Nike Hypervenom 3 soccer shoes.


Nike today released a predominantly black colorway for the third-generation Nike Hypervenom Phantom III soccer boots,as an alternative to the garish launch color. Labeled the "Strike Night" colorway,this new Night Hypervenom 3 will be worn by eight strikers,including Aubameyang,Kane and Icardi,at the live-broadcast event on March 1.


This image shows the black,silver and orange Nike Hypervenom 3 Strike Night football boots.

These new Nike Hypervenom Phantom III Strike Night 2017 cleats edition is completely black with a silver Swoosh on the instep and outstep,respectively. Striking reddish-orange details break off the black and anthracite look of the cleats.

The new Nike Hypervenom III 2017 boots are designed to offer lockdown,improve ball touch and support dynamic motion featuring a new engineered texture that's similar to the original upper of the first-gen Hypervenom as well as a totally redesigned outsole. The sole plate of the Nike Hypervenom 3 was completely redesigned to include chevron studs,mostly on the inside. The trademark offset lacing was retained.

The black,silver and orange Nike Hypervenom Phantom III Strike Night boots are available from today at?

Do you like the first black colorway of the third-generation Nike Hypervenom 2017 football boots? Drop us a line below,and check out the Boot Calendar for all leaked and official Nike boots.

Updated Nike 2017 Tech Craft Pack K-Leather Boots Pack

Nike today launched the first next-gen Nike Hypervenom Phantom Tech Craft K-Leather soccer cleats edition. However,the Nike Hypervenom Phantom 2017 Tech Craft soccer cleat is the only new Kangaroo leather boot and joins the black and white Nike Tech Craft Magista,Mercurial and Tiempo cleats,which were already released .


Here is the updated Nike Tech Craft soccer cleats collection at

Nike today introduced the latest Tech Craft kangaroo leather football boots collection after the last Tech Craft pack was released in late February 2016. Apart from the Tiempo,all boots of the new Nike Tech Craft kangaroo leather pack are all-new - Nike Hypervenom II,Nike Magista 2,Nike Mercurial Superfly V & Nike Mercurial Vapor X.

The new Nike Tech Craft boots combine the main color black with different shades of grey and reflective Swooshes. The same color scheme gets used for all four models,including the first-ever Tech Craft versions of the new Magista and Mercurial models that were released this summer.

The high-cut silhouettes of this new collection,which boasts Nike's premium Alegria leather,continue to feature Flyknit Dynamic Fit Collars,providing fit and lockdown through the foot and ankle. In order to maximize touch by bringing the foot closer to the ball,Nike's designers stripped the Flyknit layer used throughout the rest of the boot for the benefit of a more traditional leather structure. This update to the collection gives the material the ability to mold to the foot and provide its most natural leather touch.

The fourth Nike Tech Craft K-Leather boot collection will be available soon.

Do you like the Nike Hypervenom Phantom II,Nike Hypervenom Phinish II,Nike Magista Obra II,Nike Magista Opus II,Nike Mercurial Superfly V,Nike Mercurial Vapor XI and Nike Tiempo Legend VI Tech Craft editions?


Take a good look at the 2017 NIKE MERCURIAL SUPERFLY V CR7 FG CHAPTER 4 Cool Grey soccer cleats you take to the field with right now. How do they help you when it comes to your ability to be agile out there How do they help you to make the needed twists and turns in order to be a good defender,to get the ball where it needs to be and more The ability to be agile on the soccer field is very important as far as giving your team a strong chance to win is concerned. When you're agile you don't have to worry about certain issues. Wearing the right 2017 NIKE MERCURIAL SUPERFLY V shoes can go a long way,which is why a pair of Nike Mercurial Superfly 2017 cleats at are perfect in this case.

What can you do when you have the ability to be more agile out there Here are a few examples:

  • Defend the ball better-You might be matched up with a player on the other team that has really good agility. If you can't keep up with this player than trying to protect the ball from them is going to become a nightmare for you. You'll have to work harder,but the main problem is you'll become too one dimensional. Getting the ball from you or disrupting your game will become easy for such a player. With the right pair of 2017 NIKE MERCURIAL SUPERFLY V CR7 FG CHAPTER 4 Cool Grey shoes on you can minimize this.
  • Make plays better-Soccer is one of those games where players that can move a certain way at a certain time will give their team an edge. You must be able to quickly adjust,move your feet the right way,setup the right way,etc. when you can do this you'll be able to setup the types of plays you want. This means you won't be limited or as limited in what you can do out there. In essence you'll become a better playmaker.
  • Have better overall speed-Better overall speed doesn't mean you have to be like lightening out there. What it means is you have to be able to get to where you need to be faster,or at least faster than the players around you can.Better speeds gives you the chance to setup better so you can always be in a position to do what you need to do. This means defense or offense. A pair of cheap Nike Mercurial Superfly cleats can help you have a better level of agility.

Do you want to be able to defend the ball better because your agility is increased What about being a better playmaker Do you want to be faster than you are now,even if it's just by a little If you do then a pair of cheap Nike Mercurial Superfly cleats from co soccer shop can help you. Agility is everything in the game of soccer and those who lack it are targeted and put through a lot out there. Don't be one of these players.


Nike Has Got A Good Reputation In The Global Arena For Its Excellent Looks And Attractive Designs. It Is One Brand That Would Excite Both Professional As Well As Amateur Brand At Once. For Professionals,It Would Provide A Supportive Hand And For Beginners,It Would Enhance The Raw Skills And Help Them Play The Best Game Possible. Nike Has Got The Zeal To Come Up With Some Of The Stunning And Innovative Designs That Are Sure To Provide The Best Gaming Opportunity.

CHEAP 2016 NIKE MAGISTA OBRA II FG SOCCER CLEATS Black/Volt Is One Of The Most Popular Shoe Models From Nike That Has Got Some Exceptional Range Of Features To Support. The Stunning Shoe Model Comes With Many Advantageous Features That Enable The Player To Deliver Power Packed Performance Over The Firm Ground Surface.

The 2016 NIKE MAGISTA OBRA II Shoe Model Is Known To Come With The Revolutionary Flyknit Technology Which Is A Single,Soft And Supple Layer Of Material Which Has A Net Like Woven Covering Over The Top. This Feature Is Known To Provide Good Shape To The Shoe And At The Same Time Keeps The Feet In A Breathable Condition. It Offers Players With The Much Needed Grip And Balance All Along The Game. The Design Of The NIKE MAGISTA OBRA II FG SOCCER CLEATS Black volt Shoe Is Made In Such A Way That It Is Able To Provide With A Stellar Performance.

Nike Magista Obra 2016 Is Not Only Packed With Stunning Features It Has Also Got A Much Attractive Look That Is Sure To Grab The Attention Of One And All. The Shoe Comes In Navy Blue And White Combination Which Looks Classic,Trendy And Attractive. The Shoe Is Known To Be Highly Reliable. With The Nike Magista Obra 2017 Shoe On Your Feet,You Will Not Have To Worry About Flipping Or Falling At Any Point Of The Game. You Would Feel As If You Are Flying Through The Field In A More Sturdy And Efficient Manner.

Made Out Of The Highest Quality Rubber,The NIKE MAGISTA OBRA 2 Shoe Would Enable The Player To Take Complete Control Over The Approaching Ball. The Top Layer Of The Shoe Is Made Out Of Rugged Material Giving The Much Needed Grip And Balance. You Can Handle The Ball With Ease. It Also Provides For The Facility To Dribble The Ball With Less Effort. It Is A Well Known Fact That Dribbling Would Need A Lot Of Energy And Strength On The Part Of The Players And The Nike Shoe Offers The Support And Strength That Looks Out For.

Apart From These Features,The cheap NIKE MAGISTA OBRA Soccer Shoe Is Also Known To Be Highly Durable And Comes With The Ability To Manage Through All Kinds Of Situation. You Will Not Have To Worry About The Shoe Getting Worn Out,Damaged Or Other Issues At All. The cheap magista football Shoe Has Got A Winning Look And When You Get To The Play Area Wearing This Shoe,You Can Be Sure That Success Is In Your Side. You Can Buy This Excellent Shoe Model From Reputed Store, Which Is Popular For Its Exceptional Collection Of Soccer Shoes.

Bright Looking CHEAP NIKE MAGISTA OBRA II Black Cleats

Bright Looking CHEAP NIKE MAGISTA OBRA II FG Black soccer cleat has always been one of the hot and happening brand in the sports shoe arena. The attractive aspect about the sports shoe brand is that it creates latest,adaptable shoe model that best fits into the current day requirements. Nike keeps coming up with some great number of shoe collections from time to time and the magista obra is one amongst those hot spot collections. The best thing about the shoe model is that it facilitates playing soccer on firm ground that has got a thin,grassy layer.

The NIKE MAGISTA OBRA II FG Black is one of the hot model shoes in the Nike Superfly collection. The NIKE MAGISTA OBRA shoe is engineered for efficient and safe game performance on field. The shoe looks absolutely stunning in every way and at the same time packed with some utterly useful features. It is perfect for soccer a game that is played over the turf area. The most important thing about the NIKE MAGISTA model is that it has seen several updates so far in order to meet up with the present day feature requirements.

The Flyknit technology provides for a soft,supple material inside which is to provide comfort and ease to the feet while playing. If you are not comfortable with this soccer cleat,it would definitely spoil the game and hence you should go with this best shoe model to get a successful end result.

The Dynamic collar feature comes across as a great support as it would lock your feet on its place perfectly. It also provides for enough breathing space to the feet and also offers a great deal of comfort at all levels. It facilitates quick and sharp turns and you will stay in perfect position.

This is the NIKE MAGISTA 2018 soccer cleats to go if you want to get a perfect balance along with good stability all along. The outer rough covering is woven to provide good friction between the ball and the shoe. It would help you to gain ultimate control over the game no matter what and there will be no looking back at all.

Durability is one of the winning features of this shoe model. You can buy the shoe and stay confident for the next coming years. It would be in perfect,workable condition all along and this is what is needed out of such high end sports shoe. On the whole,the NIKE MAGISTA Obra 2017 shoe offers good stability,perfect control,agility and maximum movement with utmost ease.

The online store cp soccer has got all shoe brands that comes in various sizes and designs.All you need to do is to make up your mind as to which one you got to buy and the rest is easy.

You can buy the shoe from the reputed online store which happens to be the best website in this range. You can buy the bright looking NIKE MAGISTA OBRA II FG Black soccer cleats for a much reasonable rate from the online store,cp-soccer

The new cristiano ronaldo of the town Nike Mercurial Superfly V CR7 FG - Seaweed / Hasta / Volt

The new cristiano ronaldo of the town Nike Mercurial Superfly V CR7 FG - Seaweed / Hasta / Volt at

New Nike Mercurial Superfly V CR7 FG Soccer Cleats Seaweed/Volt/Hasta/White New Nike Mercurial Superfly V CR7 FG Soccer Cleats Seaweed/Volt/Hasta/White


Christiano Ronaldo is the name everyone is acquainted with. Not only football fans but any person on the planet knows the name very well as he is a sensation in the game of football. Nike has made a great move by adding a line of boots dedicated to this star player of Real Madrid. Nike Mercurial Superfly CR7 is a tribute to the superstar Ronaldo. This line of boots by Nike is creating sensation amongst the youth too. The boots were showcased to the world on the 7th of November 2016. These are signature boots of Christiano Ronaldo.

Buy Now:

New Nike Mercurial Superfly V CR7 FG Soccer Cleats Seaweed/Volt/Hasta/White New Nike Mercurial Superfly V CR7 FG Soccer Cleats Seaweed/Volt/Hasta/White

The boots were thought to be designed keeping in mind the ups and downs the team Real Madrid had to go through in the month of October this year. Savage Garden and Natural Diamonds are the predecessors of this Seaweed/Volt/Hasta/White Nike Mercurial Superfly V 2016,and it has raised eyebrows of the rival teams. The boots look stunning with the unique colour combination. It is therefore named as the third chapter of the series that had begun with Savage Garden. The boots are also called Nike Mercurial Superfly 5 Christiano Ronaldo seaweed,hasta,and volt. There are reasons behind calling them so.

The reasons

Keeping into consideration the various brand of shoes won on the football ground,Nike came up with this idea of creating a style statement with the bold sporting colours used. The dark green colour used is the colour of the seaweed while the impression of a volt is made meticulously with the application of white. There is no doubt that these boots are about to make one of the boldest statement ever on the historic grounds across the globe. Nike Mercurial Superfly CR7 2016-2017.

New Nike Mercurial Superfly V CR7 FG Soccer Cleats Seaweed/Volt/Hasta/White New Nike Mercurial Superfly V CR7 FG Soccer Cleats Seaweed/Volt/Hasta/White

The heel of this signature boots is mentioned the date of the friendly match between Sporting and Manchester United on the 6th of August in the year 2003. Another highlight to the boots is the dots that you will see on the laces and the upper portion of the boots that give a fantastic appearance to those boots. The graphical use of the colours and patterns definitely make the Nike Mercurial Superfly CR7 Seaweed a highlight in the coming matches. These shoes have been made exclusively for the star footballer Christiano Ronaldo; however,the fans will not be disappointed as they can get the Mercurial Vapor or MercurialX Proximo versions.

New Nike Mercurial Superfly V CR7 FG Soccer Cleats Seaweed/Volt/Hasta/White New Nike Mercurial Superfly V CR7 FG Soccer Cleats Seaweed/Volt/Hasta/White


These Nike Mercurial Superfly 2016-2017 Christiano Ronaldo Seaweed/Hasta/Volt boots are on the path of making the star even more popular than ever. As these boots will be embraced on by Ronaldo,even if they will be made available to the customers in the future,the price might go sky high. I am sure the football fans will not hesitate in investing more than any usual shoes because these will be the signature boots of their star.

It is definitely a thoughtful and well-planned move by the brand Nike. Their lines of other sports boots are without a doubt will sell like hot cakes only for the reason that the brand is endorsing Christiano Ronaldo at soccer cp.

Exclusive Discounts 2016 Nike Hypervenom Phantom II Pure Platinum at

When your out on the soccer field you might not be the best player out there,but you know you can make up for it by choosing to show a lot of effort. This is what's going to really help you out there. In order to really make that effort count though you need to have on the right pair of cheap hypervenom football shoes. Just any pair of Nike Hypervenom Phantom II football boots won't do the job.

We can use an example of the person who takes to the field in something they got off brand. Sure,these Nike Hypervenom Phantom 2 football cleats might appear to be good at first until you see how they let you down during actual play. The heaviness becomes too much to take. The tightness or looseness becomes a problem. There might even be instances where the shoe begins to fall apart. The last thing you'll be able to focus on here is speed.

Having on something such as the 2016 Nike Hypervenom Phantom II FG Pure Platinum football boots makes it easier to go out there and feel confident in what you can do. The Nike Hypervenom 2016-2017 shoes are designed for the player that values speed if you purchase from CP Soccer Shop.These help with speed in different ways:

You'll be able to really dig into the ground and use it to your advantage to get good bursts forward. This is often the jump you need whenever there's a breakout opportunity. Using the ground the right way is important to speed and its even more important when the field conditions might not be perfect.

You'll be able to control the ball better,because your feet won't be weighed down. This is what you want. Lower quality cleats make it hard to control the ball because they don't hold up throughout a game. You succumb to the discomfort and as a result get slower out there. Other players notice this as well.

Are the Nike Hypervenom Phantom II 2016-2017 cleats for you at

In order for you to be the type of play maker you want to be out there,then you need the ability to react fast. Reacting fact means that you take advantage of something as you see it develop before the opportunity is gone. This is oftentimes how games are won and lost. What you want is to have something on your feet that's going to do a good job of helping you move as fast as you might think. This is what the 2016 Nike Hypervenom Phantom II FG Pure Platinum/Ghost Green/Hyper Turquoise/Black can do for you.

Any player that's ever experienced the frustration of missing out on a play because their cleats slowed them down will appreciate having a pair of these. Sure,the won't make you super fast,but they won't hinder your natural speed either nor will they let field conditions do it. This is what you need in order to be a superior play maker out there and there aren't a lot of options out there that provide this as good as these.

Whack the Game Using Nike Mercurial Superfly V Boots

Nike is famous for producing the best quality shoes in the world and has maintained its standard. Recently Nike has introduced new shoes in July 2016. The new range of boots is known as cheap Nike mercurial superfly V boots at

The Nike Mercurial Superfly V boots are offering more customization options than before. To help you stay speedy and fast on the field,the boots is manufactured with a system of speed,a strategically engineered traction pattern,combining minimal construction and lightweight materials. These boots will help you win the game in a whacking way.


The upper of the new Superfly V 2016-2017 boot features a Flyknit composition and also adds a speed rib texture to improve close control when tricking and manipulating the ball when striking for a goal. Along with the final layer of Nikeskin combined upon the Flyknit upper,a dynamic fit collar at the top of the boot is to improve a sock-like,smooth,and responsive fit.

Nike Mercurial Superfly V cleats are available with dynamic custom fit collar colors,but these cleats are not available with custom color options in ankle high boots. The Nike Mercurial Superfly V is available in exactly seven colors. Other than color option there are three different sole plate options as well as four different Swoosh choices. You can also add a custom text and number on your cleats as always offered by Nike.


The Mercurial Superfly V boots are manufactured to enhance the control and touch on the ball at high speeds. The Nike Mercurial Superfly V cleats have the new sole plate that is 40% lighter than the carbon sole plate and was plotted as a single-layer framework.

To provide an improved friction between the shoe and the ball,the flyknit of the upper include the 3D texture. The ACC technology used in Nike Mercurial Superfly V boots will give you the perfect grip on the ball irrespective of the conditions. To enhance the ball touch,an extra ultra-thin layer is also added to the upper area of the boots.


The Mercurial Superfly V boots are available in exactly seven colors. You can choose the color from their range of colors that are offered by Nike. The cleats are available in orange,blue,black,red,and volt and in other colors with the combination of black,white and volt colors.

Whether you are a trained football player,a viewer or merely play for the fun of the sport, blue Nike Mercurial Superfly V boots will help you smoke the game in smoking hot style. So order your blue Nike mercurial superfly V boots now before it is too late.

Stunning Releases blue and white Adidas Ace 17 Soccer Cleats

Adidas will launch a stunning blue,white and pink colorway for the next-gen Adidas Ace 2017 football boots. The Adidas Ace 17 soccer cleat is scheduled to be released in December 2016,less than a year after the drop of the second generation.

Adidas Ace 17.1 - Blue / White / Pink at

This image shows the blue,white and pink Adidas Ace 2017 soccer cleat.
The blue,white and pink Adidas Ace 2017 soccer boots boast a remarkable and bold design. The Adidas Ace 17.1 boot features pink Three Stripes and the Adidas Ace logo on the instep.

Tech-wise,the third-generation Adidas Ace soccer cleats again feature a techfit collar. The whole construction of the Ace 17.1 is similar to the laceless Adidas Ace 16+ PureControl ; the cleat comes with a tongue-less design,and the laces are only added through an array of loops along the top of the shoes.

In terms of material,the Adidas Ace 2017 feature a knitted upper,overlaid with a thin synthetic layer for improved durability and ball control. A honeycomb-like shape pattern is applied to the upper in order to allow for even more ball control.

The new Adidas Ace 2017 football boots also introduce a new Sprintframe sole plate. The boot features eleven conical studs,split between four at the rear and seven at the front.

Expected to be released either in late 2016 or early next year,the stunning blue and white Adidas Ace 17.1 soccer boots will retail at around €200,just like the Ace 16.1.

What are your thoughts on the Adidas Ace 17

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