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2016 Nike Magista Obra Blackout Football Boots Concave Volt+ Released

The soon-to-be-hottest football boot around is up for grabs in our Facebook contest.You can enter to win a free pair of 2016 Nike Magista Obra Blackout Football Boots. This isn't the kind of thing soccer fans miss out on.

If you haven't read or heard too much about the 2016 Nike Magista Obra Blackout Football Boots yet,have you been on an Antarctica expedition or something Fortunately,we have stayed up-to-date for you. When rumors emerged about Nike Flyknit on soccer cleats,we were there to analyze how that could work.
2016 Nike Magista Obra
When images of the Magista New Football Boots were released by Nike,we took an early look at its revolutionary aesthetic and tech specs. Since then,we have written about the Magista's possible FIFA flaw,the future of its Dynamic Fit Collar,and even how to handle any "stench issues" that may arise. Basically,we've got you covered on the Magista front.
Cheap Nike Magista Obra
And now,you can win a free pair in your size. It's pretty simple to enter:Sign up on the Giveaways page,and start hoping you're the lucky winner.Also,don't forget to sign up for Magista pre-order information to get alerted when it becomes available.

This is the next great thing in soccer footwear. A release from Nike we will remember for years. So,why not enter to become one of the first to slip these beauties on your feet
New Nike Magista Obra
While the build-up to the New 2016 Magista and the few sneak-peeks of the PrimeKnit FS have seen genuine interest from boot fans around the world,there have been a few worries that have been placed upon the futuristic pair. While Jordon,unsurprisingly as he is a referee,worried about the boots meeting FIFA rules and standards,the current "problem" of choice seems to be a serious worry about the sock addition being difficult to clean¡­and becoming (oh no!) smelly!

Make sure you check out sports kicks uk incredible virtual tour of the 2016 Nike Magista Obra Blackout Football Boots .

2016 Nike is bringing their silos pasted in "Liquid Chrome"

There are only a handful of instantly recognizable colors/finishes in the world of soccer cleats.However,in true Mad Max fashion,Nike is bringing their silos pasted in "Liquid Chrome." While adidas might have beaten them to the punch with the Eskolaite Pack,there is definitely something iconic with Nike's newest foursome. Nike Liquid Chrome is not something that is new to the Swoosh,and all of these new boots feel like a serious nod to iconic boots of the past while still being so flashy that they could only have been produced in the modern age.

With almost scary likeness,the "Liquid Chrome" Magista bears a startling resemblence to one of the most legendary boots in all of soccer: the R9 Vapor I in chrome/lime. While Nike hasn't really made a big deal about these boots all being steeped in Nike history,there's no denying the connection when you see both boots sitting side by side. This boot is not nearly as bright as we expected,but we still think that it will be easy to spot once it begins to grace pitches worldwide.
Nike Hypervenom Phantom II
The New Football Boots HyperVenom II has been very well received,and,despite a host of professionals seeking asylum in other silos recently,this newest colorway only continues to show the aggressive mindset that the Venom brings along with it.For the newest HyperVenom,we see boot dipped in a very bold bronze and black colorway. For any long follower of boots or Nike,this is a definite nod to the old Mercurial Match R9. The only real departure from the classic Mercurial are some slight hints of "mint" spread sparsely around the boot.
Nike Mercurial Superfly
With some serious sheen on the upper,we can't wait to see what this looks like under floodlights and,much like the entirety of the pack,we expect these boots to simply leap off of the pitch and screen. The orange studs give a stark contrast to the "lilac," while also bringing back memories of some of our favorite Mercurial boots of yesteryear.With the SuperFly IV,the "purple lilac" and orange studs feel like a direct homage to a host of SuperFly boots that we have encountered in the past. With the SuperFly 1,2,and 3,we saw major colorway updates that used a predominantly purple look that the newest SF definitely takes to another level.
Nike Tiempo Legend V FG Blackout
The last member of the "Liquid Chrome" Pack is the new Tiempo VI in the "Pure Platinum" colorway. While we are big fans of this colorway and cannot wait to get our hands on Nike's newest toy,it really doesn't seem to fit with the rest of the pack. We can definitely understand Nike not wanting the first colorway for their "heritage" boot to be as loud as the other members of the "Liquid Chrome" gathering,but it doesn't really look right sitting with the other silos.

Overall,the "Liquid Chrome" Pack is going to be the same as almost every colorway update from Nike: beloved by some,enjoyed by most,and hated by a handful.These boots look amazing without any compromise at

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