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Cheap Nike Magista Opus

The look of 2016 Nike Magista Opus Looks Great

The 2016 Magista Opus is an absolutely incredible boot. The boot reminds me a lot of the CTR360 line and it could have been the next high end in the Maestri line. The feel for the ball is incredible. The stud pattern is the exact same as the Tiempo line except for the four studs in the heel are now conical. The stud pattern used on the Opus helps with comfort of the boot especially with the stud pressure on the bottom of feet.
2016 Nike Magista Opus
The Nike Magista Opus FG football boots Dark Citron/Volt-/Black performed extremely well in both. The feel and performance of the Opus makes it a great boot at any price in my opinion. Although the price tag is a bit high,the Magista Opus is more than worth it. The material is strong and very flexible and honestly very light at the same time and does not tear even after playing in many different types of conditions.
New Nike Magista Opus
The look of the new Nike Magista line looks great in my opinion. The launch color way is the only color way available at the moment. The boot at sports kicks uk is made up a few different colors. The main color used throughout the boot is Volt. In the performance mesh cutouts you find the new Hyper Punch color that you find on the new Mercurial and Hypervenom lineups released for the World Cup.
Cheap Nike Magista Opus
The material is extremely soft and flexible straight out of the box. The 2016 Magista Opus boot really forms to the shape of your foot even within a few hours of playing. The laces are a little off center and run down the instep a little bit,which takes away from your strike zone slightly.

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