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2016 Nike Tiempo Legend VI Blackout Football Boots -- "Touch of Blackout"

Nike take the sixth and most advanced generation Tiempo right back to the roots of the famous silo with a classic "Blackout" colourway.After launching in a " Blackout " colourway Nike have satisfied the traditional and most loyal Tiempo player with a secondary colour update that is drenched in the heritage design that established the Swoosh in football. Black upper,white Swooshes and gold trimming.

The boots feature an all-white base on the upper and appears to be crafted a lot like a Nike Tiempo Legend VI FG Blackout Football Boots. Although the official tech specs have not been released yet,you can expect the leather on this upper to be a similar type of Algeria leather like the one found on the Totti-exclusive Legend. A classic fold-over tongue featuring his famous 10R logo is an awesome feature to really bring back even more nostalgia for the boots.
Cheap Nike Tiempo Legend VI FG Blackout
The Tiempo Legend 6 Blackout Football Boots arrives with a new take on the trademark quilted leather toe box. Nike have delivered the touch attributes of quilting without extensively perforating the leather in a new look for the Tiempo Legend 6,which also features an internal,cushioned cage that holds its shape and grooves the leather with minimal stitching.
2016 Nike Tiempo Legend VI FG Blackout
The Nike Swoosh is a very shiny gold and it is a similar look as with the Totti Legend 6,but this time with gold. The soleplate features the standard style Legend 6 studs that many claim as one of the best stud patterns on the market. The soleplate may be the most spectacular part of this limited edition boot. At the heel,it is a solid gold plate but as we go up,we start to fade into white in the toe box and written under the soleplate is "Ronaldinho 10".
New Nike Tiempo Legend VI FG Blackout
The brains behind the new concept is Nike Football designer Vianney de Montgolfier who explains; "With this new construction,Tiempo Legend 6 Blackout Football Boots delivers the feel of quilting,but without compromising the leather. The foam backer has been vacuum pressed to the leather to ensure a soft,seamless construction. By eliminating quilting,we reduce the possibility of mud or water seeping in through the quilt lines,as that can harden the leather." This shoe makes us tingle inside,it is simply hot. Get yours today from sports kicks uk.

2016 Nike Magista Obra Blackout Football Boots Concave Volt+ Released

The soon-to-be-hottest football boot around is up for grabs in our Facebook contest.You can enter to win a free pair of 2016 Nike Magista Obra Blackout Football Boots. This isn't the kind of thing soccer fans miss out on.

If you haven't read or heard too much about the 2016 Nike Magista Obra Blackout Football Boots yet,have you been on an Antarctica expedition or something Fortunately,we have stayed up-to-date for you. When rumors emerged about Nike Flyknit on soccer cleats,we were there to analyze how that could work.
2016 Nike Magista Obra
When images of the Magista New Football Boots were released by Nike,we took an early look at its revolutionary aesthetic and tech specs. Since then,we have written about the Magista's possible FIFA flaw,the future of its Dynamic Fit Collar,and even how to handle any "stench issues" that may arise. Basically,we've got you covered on the Magista front.
Cheap Nike Magista Obra
And now,you can win a free pair in your size. It's pretty simple to enter:Sign up on the Giveaways page,and start hoping you're the lucky winner.Also,don't forget to sign up for Magista pre-order information to get alerted when it becomes available.

This is the next great thing in soccer footwear. A release from Nike we will remember for years. So,why not enter to become one of the first to slip these beauties on your feet
New Nike Magista Obra
While the build-up to the New 2016 Magista and the few sneak-peeks of the PrimeKnit FS have seen genuine interest from boot fans around the world,there have been a few worries that have been placed upon the futuristic pair. While Jordon,unsurprisingly as he is a referee,worried about the boots meeting FIFA rules and standards,the current "problem" of choice seems to be a serious worry about the sock addition being difficult to clean¡­and becoming (oh no!) smelly!

Make sure you check out sports kicks uk incredible virtual tour of the 2016 Nike Magista Obra Blackout Football Boots .

Nike Mercurial Superfly 2016 Blackout Football Boots Leaked

The Nike Mercurial Superfly 2016 Blackout Football Boots Leaked is all about speed,and it celebrates Nike's famed Flyknit in all it's glory. Made from three different layers of Flyknit,the Superfly IV is about achieving a barefoot feel for the ball without compromising on durability. Extra strength also comes in the form of the Brio cables,that carry the second benefit of locking down the foot when you tie the laces up,a similar benefit to the Dynamic Fit collar. Finished off with a carbon fibre soleplate,the Superfly IV is all about getting to the ball first,setting you up for a deadly touch.
Nike Mercurial Superfly FG Blackout
The Cheap Nike Mercurial Superfly is all about celebrating Flyknit,but the Hypervenom Phantom is a tribute to Nikeskin (which,we should not forget,is also implemented on the Magista and Superfly IV). The Nikeskin upper hugs the foot and gives a brilliantly close feel for the ball,which doubles as a very solid upper for striking the ball that takes the sting out of a shot. A nylon soleplate again comes in handy on the Hypervenom Phantom,which combined with the perforated sock liner that mirrors the shape of the foot that is built for agility.
New Nike Mercurial Superfly FG Blackout
In an age of amazing football boot technologies,the nike silver storm superfly is arguably the forgotten child of Nike football boots. You can have your Flyknit,your Nikeskin,your carbon fiber soleplates,but the old school pair of leather football boots has been doing the goods way before those snappy pieces of technology were even considered. However,like a 55-year-old in a flash Armani suit talking into an iPhone,it is infused with some modern touches too.
2016 Nike Mercurial Superfly FG Blackout
While the nike flyknit superfly ag certainly captured attention at the World Cup,Nike have followed it up with a classy blackout number that will capture the market who thought the original Blackout Football Boots may have been a bit on the bright side. However,a pop of colour from the top of the Dynamic Fit collar catches the eye as well,giving a modern twist on the traditional blackout.They are available from today from

Nike Blackout Football Boots on sale - Get Sustained Foot Comfort With These On

Have you ever been on the soccer field engaged in a good match,but then your feet begin to hurt you How were you able to get through the game When you have on a pair of low quality soccer cleats,you'll go through these types of problems more often than not. Most people choose to handle the problem in the following ways,none of which are usually very effective:

  • They ignore the discomfort. Now this might work for some who are very strong minded or their just made to handle more discomfort than others,but what about those who aren't. Just ignoring it becomes very tough and what ends up happening is their minds focus on the pain. Their game suffers as a result and they feel bad afterwards. You don't have to go through this.
  • They convince themselves that good soccer players are supposed to suffer out there. Good soccer players around the world might have grown up playing in rough conditions,but that's not the case anymore. The best players make sure they protect the comfort of their feet at all costs,because their feet are one of their biggest assets. You should be thinking the same way.
  • They try to adjust their shoes continuously in order to get some sort of relief,but all they do is fracture their focus. The game of soccer is very demanding and in order to be good at it you must be able to focus like a laser on the game. Superior focus is what makes for opportunity capitalization. Good players are usually those that have superior focus.
Nike Magista Obra FG Blackout Nike Magista Obra FG Blackout

The best way for you to avoid any of these issues is to make sure you have on a pair of cleats that will keep you comfortable. A good option would be the Nike Hypervenom Phantom II FG Blackout cleats. These shoes are good because they'll help you to stay as comfortable as you need to be so you won't have to try and ignore pain. You won't have to try and struggle through it thinking this is making you stronger. You also won't have to keep making adjustments in order to get some temporary relief. The Nike Hypervenom 2 Blackout cleats are made with superior comfort in mind.

Nike Hypervenom Phantom II FG Blackout Soccer Cleats Blackout Nike Hypervenom Phantom II FG Blackout Soccer Cleats

Are the Nike Blackout soccer cleats for you

If you're the type of player that really likes to get out there and mix it up,then you have to have on something that's going to keep you comfortable. Sure,soccer is a game for warriors,but you want to protect what your best asset is and that's your feet. Suffering through frequent foot discomfort will hurt your skills long term and you don't want to do this. You have to think long term and the best way to do this is to wear the right shoes. These are perfect for you in this case and will provide you with sustained comfort.

Nike Mercurial Superfly FG Blackout Nike Mercurial Superfly FG Blackout

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