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2016 Nike Magista Obra

Gold Nike Magista Obra Premium 2016 Boots Revealed

A zoomed in look at the mesh suggests it looks a little bit like an inferior Flyknit. While the performance aspect of it is unknown,we would think that it would perhaps provide a nice layer of comfort and breathability without being so thick that feel for the ball is ruined. Overall,the upper is textured to aid feel for the ball. Like the 2016 Nike Magista Obra Premium FG,the Opus has also been finished off with ACC for the same feel for the ball in wet and dry conditions.

We may as well start from the top,but there is hardly a part of the Nike Magista Obra Premium FG - Touch of Gold that has not been thoroughly examined by the eyes of the world ever since it was unveiled a few months ago. We of course have the revolutionary one piece Flyknit upper,which is designed to have a 'sock-like' feel about it. The Flyknit upper is also integrated with Nikeskin for protection,as well as the casual ACC finish to it as well.
2016 Nike Magista Obra
As for the soleplate,Nike have topped the Magista off with a wonderful outsole containing Pebax and nylon to help with traction. Light and flexible,360 degree motion is also aided with the full conical stud configuration so making those quick turns are just that little bit easier.
Cheap Nike Magista Obra
Opus. Although to be fair,the upper looks a fair bit different this time around. A bit like the Obra,there appears to be two different materials present with the upper. While the Cheap Nike Magista Obra combined the powers of Flyknit and Nikeskin,the Opus has something Nike are calling 'performance mesh' with it,as well as Nikeskin.
Gold Nike Magista Obra
As for the soleplate,we have seen it all before. With the same Pebax soleplate and,bar one or two aesthetic differences,the two soleplates for the top two Magista models are the same. There is also the price drop,with the Opus retailing on sports kicks uk.

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