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Nike Tiempo Legend

2016 Nike Tiempo Legend IV New Released -- Power for the soccer player

Even from ere is no mistaking that the 2016 Nike Tiempo Legend is built in order to show off the leather confirst view,there is no doubt that this is a Tiempo. Sure,it might have a big nod towards the old Ronaldhino Dois,but the big "TIEMPO" on the heel and the other aspects of the boot leave no doubt about this is a modern Tiempo. Outside of the "Reflective Pack" launch,every release up until this point has been given a very slick two-tone appearance that helps the boot look very clean.
New Nike Tiempo Legend IV
Considering the main marketing point for the Nike Tiempo Legend IV FG - Light Crimson-Black-Total Crimson has always been its flawless touch,it comes as no surprise that this boot provides an amazing feel for the ball. Passing and addressing the ball are a dream and it always seem to provide a great touch while still maintaining that padding that you would always associate with a leather boot. Always head to sports kicks uk shop for all of your soccer needs (and wants!).
Cheap Nike Tiempo Legend IV
The Cheap Nike Tiempo Legend has somehow managed to update itself while somehow improving its key aspects. Where striking a ball with a speed boot might feel harsh,or a "power" boot might not be built to have you caress a ball,the Tiempo allows you to power through a strike with impressive feel and execute any action while feeling in complete control of the ball. There is no doubt that this Tiempo will be as successful as the previous incarnations because it is genuinely superior in all areas of play.
2016 Nike Tiempo Legend IV
The last white Colorway of the New Nike Tiempo Legend IV Boot was rather classical with white as main color,but the new light colour Nike Tiempo Legend IV Boot is eye-catching again. Nike will also release a black version of the Nike Tiempo Legend IV Boot with some gold applications,from which we will show you pictures soon.

2016 Nike Tiempo Legend VI Blackout Football Boots -- "Touch of Blackout"

Nike take the sixth and most advanced generation Tiempo right back to the roots of the famous silo with a classic "Blackout" colourway.After launching in a " Blackout " colourway Nike have satisfied the traditional and most loyal Tiempo player with a secondary colour update that is drenched in the heritage design that established the Swoosh in football. Black upper,white Swooshes and gold trimming.

The boots feature an all-white base on the upper and appears to be crafted a lot like a Nike Tiempo Legend VI FG Blackout Football Boots. Although the official tech specs have not been released yet,you can expect the leather on this upper to be a similar type of Algeria leather like the one found on the Totti-exclusive Legend. A classic fold-over tongue featuring his famous 10R logo is an awesome feature to really bring back even more nostalgia for the boots.
Cheap Nike Tiempo Legend VI FG Blackout
The Tiempo Legend 6 Blackout Football Boots arrives with a new take on the trademark quilted leather toe box. Nike have delivered the touch attributes of quilting without extensively perforating the leather in a new look for the Tiempo Legend 6,which also features an internal,cushioned cage that holds its shape and grooves the leather with minimal stitching.
2016 Nike Tiempo Legend VI FG Blackout
The Nike Swoosh is a very shiny gold and it is a similar look as with the Totti Legend 6,but this time with gold. The soleplate features the standard style Legend 6 studs that many claim as one of the best stud patterns on the market. The soleplate may be the most spectacular part of this limited edition boot. At the heel,it is a solid gold plate but as we go up,we start to fade into white in the toe box and written under the soleplate is "Ronaldinho 10".
New Nike Tiempo Legend VI FG Blackout
The brains behind the new concept is Nike Football designer Vianney de Montgolfier who explains; "With this new construction,Tiempo Legend 6 Blackout Football Boots delivers the feel of quilting,but without compromising the leather. The foam backer has been vacuum pressed to the leather to ensure a soft,seamless construction. By eliminating quilting,we reduce the possibility of mud or water seeping in through the quilt lines,as that can harden the leather." This shoe makes us tingle inside,it is simply hot. Get yours today from sports kicks uk.

Get ready for the 2015-2016 Nike Tiempo Legend 6 Available Now!

If there was anything on this latest version that offers a noticeable improvement it is the clean leather upper design and the improved width through the region.If you look at the 2015-2016 Nike Tiempo Legend 6,it offered a tighter fit around the toe because of the layered front stitching. As a result,it has become common practice to recommend considering a half size up for a more accommodating fit. But,this version is far more spacious and that means they fit a lot more comfortably.

From initial reaction,they have got this one right by combining a clean leather upper with an ever so slight touch component across the upper. More importantly,they have also "reinvented" the basics that fans expect to find on a truly effective Tiempo Legend release. Anyone that has ever worn a pair of 2016 Tiempo Legend before these will know that they have a reputation for fitting very snug.
New Nike Tiempo Legend VI
What is it that makes them a more accommodating boot It is the shape of the forefoot,where Nike has minimized stitching on the premium leather upper and increased the general width of the material. You can tell from looking at them side by side with the 2015-2016 Nike Tiempo Legend 6 (as per the image below) that they have more room for your feet to slip into.
cheap Nike Tiempo Legend VI
It is subtle enough that you don't feel it on your foot,yet it definitely provides some extra texture as you get touches on the ball. And it provides a much cleaner surface without as much stitching in play. The stitching that is visible across the upper is there to loosen the material right on the bend. That will come once we get more wear time with them.

If you are considering a pair,you can rest a little more comfortable knowing they are more accommodating than previous versions. For now,we wanted to make sure you were aware that the sizing of this current boot it much more inline with true to size.
2016 Nike Tiempo Legend VI
What makes this so different is the fact Cheap Nike Tiempo Legend 6 has looked to create a quilted feel without using a high level of stitching. The internal cage system is used to create the arrow like design on the top of the forefoot,and the criss-cross along the lateral and medial sides. There is obviously a lot more to talk about with these boots,including the built in tongue and soleplate traction,all of which we are saving for the actual review.

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